OmniSci OEM Startup Accelerator Program

Connecting early stage data-focused companies to the power of the OmniSci accelerated analytics platform

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Program Overview

The OmniSci Startup Accelerator Program is intended for data rich companies with crowdsourced, aggregated and vertical-focused data.

Being a part of the OmniSci Startup Accelerator enables startups to harness the power of the OmniSci accelerated analytics and visualization platform to build their own enterprise-grade branded solutions.

The OmniSci Startup Program provides a jumpstart to your company by reducing time-to-market, while allowing for faster product development all backed by OmniSci accelerated analytics technology. We provide you with professional developer support and consulting to speed up product development. 

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Program Benefits

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Benefits are designed for early stage data-rich startups.

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What Our Partners Say

Tom Luke

VP of WW Sales and Partnerships, Tutela

"OmniSci is generating revenue for us and huge value for our customers."

Sean Griffin

Co-founder and President, Disaster Intelligence, Disaster Intelligence

"Partnering with OmniSci was a natural fit for Disaster Intelligence, as both organizations share a vision to enable decision-makers with faster access to data...Our strategic partnership allows disaster management agencies to visualize their data and understand risks, which can inform mitigation, planning and disaster response decisions."

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